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Have no fear, the work of clearing the general’s name will continue.

This site showcases the many and varied works of Mark Lawson (the Australian journalist, not the English journalist), which include upcoming e-novels, two published non-fiction books. and a soon to come e-book aimed at clearing the name of Darth Vader – a character much maligned by the original Star Wars films. A brief article outlining the main themes of the book can be found by clicking on the index line on the right of the page.

But Vader is not the only character to be maligned in trashy epics. The alien films, Pandora and The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films can all be deconstructed to reveal what must have been the true story. For that matter, eminently respectable fiction also unfairly maligns characters, notably the 1843 novella A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

 Mark Lawson is a retired journalist who has also written a book THE ZEN OF BEING GRUMPY, now available from Connor Court. Please follow the link.

The book is about rejecting all the political correctness that plagues modern life and snarling at young people who bounce around in the mornings, while still finding that groove in life - your Zen. You can be Ebenezer Scrooge all year round and not feel guilty.

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Essays on the topics raised can be found in the links at the side. An essay on Scrooge will be added shortly.